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The software of projection correction and positioning

   The software of projection correction and positioning

For the vector curve 1:1 projection positioning after cutting. Suitable for cutting leather, shoe cutting positioning projection.


The projection of the blue crane is applied to the projection of the vector graphics to the cutting equipment. Projection of the same time

 for optical distortion correction, reduction to 1:1, in order to facilitate cutting.

Can be matched with the use of leather and leather typesetting software.

Can be used for leather second times.

Working mode:

1, open the green crane leather software after the output of the PLT file.

2, in the skin of the bulk storage, the layout is completed, the leather material from the warehouse, after the two shop, through the software positioning.

3, with automatic feeding function on the cutting machine, and shooting leather table partition. Improve cutting machine use efficiency.

The projection positioning software, including projection optical distortion correction function. After a long time of use, do not need to be adjusted for a

long time, support a variety of projector.

Power compatibility, import / export function

Directly import / export PLT file. Perfect compatibility with the leather layout software of the crane.

Supported output device

Various laser cutting machine and cutting bed.

Various leather cutting machine.



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