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projection of grillage auto- nest software

                                                               Crane projection of grillage software 



The projection of the crane's software is used to project the vector graphics on the projection of the vector graphics to the cutting device, and the material alignment and cutting. Projection of the same time for optical distortion correction, reduction to 1:1, in order to facilitate cutting.


Software characteristics

a)     Support the deformation recovery capability of ordinary projectors

b)    Import slicing data in AAMA format

c)     Import general drawing DXF pattern data

d)    Direct import of PLT/CUT splicing fitting pattern data

e)     Compatible with reading clothing CAD output of AAMA-DXF / Plt /Cut files.

f)      Support manual to the lattice row. Support automatic to lattice row, greatly improve work efficiency, improve cloth utilization rate.

g)    Support uniform lattice and uneven lattice manual row and automatic row.

h)    Support multi-projection splicing.

i)      Support arbitrary lattice adjustment, perfect adaptation to garment factory fabrics.

j)      Support for lattice pairing point settings.

k)     At the same time, support the layout of ordinary materials separated from projectors

The projection positioning software, including projection optical distortion correction function. After a long time of use, do not need to be adjusted for a long time, support a variety of projector.

Strong compatibility, import / export function

The perfect compatibility of the pattern input software for the crane.

Supported output device

Various laser cutting machine and Vibration knife Cutting Machine.

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