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projection of grillage software

                                                               Crane projection of grillage software 



The projection of the crane's software is used to project the vector graphics on the projection of the vector graphics to the cutting device, and the material alignment and cutting. Projection of the same time for optical distortion correction, reduction to 1:1, in order to facilitate cutting.


Work flow:

1, read the template, projected onto the cutting bed. Supports DXF and PLT closed template.

2, with a lattice or flower fabric spreading on the cutting bed, must be smooth without wrinkles.

3, the projector is fixed in the upper part of the cutting bed, real-time projection vector map to the cutting bed.

4, discharging end, the output PLT format for cutting machine cutting, while positioning.

The projection positioning software, including projection optical distortion correction function. After a long time of use, do not need to be adjusted for a long time, support a variety of projector.

Strong compatibility, import / export function

Directly import / export PLT file. The perfect compatibility of the video input software for the young crane.

Supported output device

Various laser cutting machine and cutting bed.

Various leather cutting machine.




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